30 & 31 JULY 2023

LingeriePRO is the ultimate meeting place for Benelux fashion boutiques and especially for lingerie stores. Together with your company, LingeriePRO is 100% committed to expanding your business network, establishing face-to-face contacts with existing & new partners/clients and stimulating the industry in general! Participating as an exhibitor offers you the excellent opportunity to present your company in just 2 days in a budget-friendly way to future partners and contacts and to write orders.


  • Biennial B2B event is a source of inspiration for companies and boutique owners
  • Large range of collections in sleepwear, lingerie, homewear, swimwear, shapewear, activewear, legwear ... for women, men and children.
  • A rock-solid and extensive advertising campaign
  • LingeriePRO is the gateway to the Benelux lingerie market!
  • The perfect time to make contacts which often results in a lasting client/supplier relationship

What is included in your LingeriePRO shell scheme stand:

bare surface rental = €125 /m²

  • casa shell scheme stand = back and side walls
    • option between white or black walls
  • storage + curtain
  • nameplate on each open side 
  • carpet: standard color silver grey
  • daily stand cleaning & maintenance
  • electricity connection
  • multi outlet
  • via the webshop you can order all kinds of additional services such as furniture, lighting, shelves, collection bars, plants,...


  • €300
  • naming in the exhibitor and brand lists
  • promotional material to make your participation known
  • free basic wifi
  • lead scan app: smartphone application to scan visitors' badge
  • insurance stand: capital value 5000 eur
  • 2 parking tickets for during the exhibition days
  • 3 parking tickets for during the (de)construction
  • 2 garbage bags 1 x red garbage bag & 1 x blue garbage bag
  • exhibitors' badges
  • catering card incl. starting budget

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